Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday's got you down?

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Having connected thousands of job seekers with startup companies, we have seen some interesting trends since we have launched. The two that stand out have to do with the day of the week and time of day that individuals tend to seek jobs.

1. I am not sure what happens during the weekends that make people realize they are unhappy with their current job, but Mondays are the most popular day for looking for a new job. 20% of our visitors search for a new job on Monday. Tuesday's and Wednesday's are the 2nd most popular days to search for a new job, with 18% of our visitors coming on each of those days.

Job Applicant Trends by Day of Week

2. Noon-time PST is the most popular time to look for a job. Just over 7% of job searches on CoNotes come between 12pm and 1pm PST. The amount of job searches starts to climbs quickly from 9am PST (12pm EST), and slowly tapers off in the afternoon. I'm guessing a lot of people's day goes like this:
  • show up to work
  • read some emails
  • update Facebook status to "bored at work"
  • trudge to a useless status update meeting and munch on donuts
  • try to stay awake until lunch switching between Facebook and Excel (whenever anyone walks by)
  • lunch time!
  • realize hates jobs...there has to be something better than this...

Job Applicant Trends by Time of Day
As you would expect, Monday job searches at noon is the most popular time for people to look for jobs.

So if you hate your job, do these trends describe you?

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