Monday, December 29, 2008

How to handle corporate crises that stem from user generated content (UGC)

I wanted to share a paper that I co-wrote with fellow students while we were MBA students at Kellogg. The paper covers how a company should respond to crises that are a result of user generated content. With the speed at which information is now disseminated on the internet, companies need to be prepared for situations where employees and customers can create a firestorm with a simple blog post or video upload (example: Comcast guy sleeping).

It's kind of a long paper, so if you want to jump to the meat, the heart of our conclusions start on pg. 14.

Click on the below link to read in a bigger window.
Corporate Crisis Management of User Generated Content


phaithful said...

Interesting article. I'll have to re-read it more in depth, but it's a good primer to begin educating management about the importance of engaging consumers at their respective points of contact.

I remember being in a situation where I was working for a company that had a zero day security hole. It was surprising how little the corporate communication team and PR agency knew about disseminating and communicating information to the consumers through channels other than press releases and news wires.

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